A post-Mother’s Day treat at Love Desserts

Thanks to Ruth of Bakedhoven, I got a chance to dine at Love Desserts in Fairview with my family and parents-in-law. Actually, because it was the blog’s Mother’s Day promo that I got to win, MIL and I dined for free (we just brought along the men of our lives and my mini-me’s along so they can experience it, too).

Story goes: I joined Ruth’s blog giveaway and was picked as one of the winners. I asked my mom if she was available May 17 so we can go there, but she had a prior commitment (commitment talaga?). Okay, agenda. Basically, she wasn’t available that day. So I asked hubby if MIL was available, since the prize was for the contest participant and his/her mom. MIL said she was available. And since we don’t get to see them often (hubby, the kids, and I live with my parents), we thought that time would be nice for even just a short bonding moment.

So after our usual Sunday routine, off we went to Love Desserts in Fairview, specifically in Pearl Drive. It’s near Puregold North Commonwealth and the road to La Mesa Ecopark.

Love Desserts Fairview

Love Desserts is located at the 2nd floor of Pearl Drive in Fairview, QC

Love Desserts offers, well, desserts. Lots and lots of them.

Love Desserts Fairview

Sweet beginnings and sweet endings — that’s what you’ll enjoy at Love Desserts

The store offers a dessert buffet for PHP199 per person (senior citizen’s discount applies; for my daughter, we paid PHP150). You have loads to choose from: cakes, pastries, ice cream, crepes, dessert shots, even halo-halo and fruits.

Love Desserts Fairview

Lovely rustic/shabby chic interiors, with daintily patterned lamps and cute wall stickers

Love Desserts Fairview

Loads of cakes

Love Desserts Fairview

Dessert shots of different flavors

A chest of Big Scoop Ice Cream with flavors like Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, and Bubblegum

A chest of Big Scoop Ice Cream with flavors like Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, and Bubblegum

Love Desserts Fairview

Candy buffet and crepe-making area

They also have hot and cold drinks to go with your food, as well as ice-blended beverages.

Love Desserts Fairview

Milk tea and iced tea

Love Desserts Fairview

Hot coffee and tea (I had a couple of coffee cups to pair with all those sweet cakes)

Up to you what you want to put in your plate or how many times you go back and forth to the buffet table.

Love Desserts Fairview

Everyone here’s got a sweet tooth…

Love Desserts Fairview

This little girl, in particular, had 3 servings of ice cream that day

To give your taste buds a break from the sweet stuff, they have some savory food like nachos and cheese sticks.

Love Desserts Fairview

Take a break from the sweet and go have some of their savory selections

They have 2 branches, this one in Fairview and another in Banawe, QC. For this branch, I found the place pretty small yet cozy. Because of the limited seating, there will be times that guests would have to wait outside before they can be ushered in to a vacant table. It was a good thing that when we went there (Sunday, 2 PM), there was still a space good enough for us.

With regards to the food, they were quite delicious. I got to try their rolls (there was White Forest and something like Cookies and Cream), the mango dessert shots, and the nachos. Hubby and my in-laws had halo-halo and a few cakes as well. Zee went for 3 rounds of ice cream (naka-quota nung araw na yun). Of course, little Baby Ayla was just there salivating the whole time (or maybe she was just satisfied drinking her milk and sucking her fingers, hehe!).

One thing, though — no mais con hielo? :D

Service was great, too. The one in charge, Ms. Emily, was really nice to accommodate us. She even volunteered to hold my baby so I can eat. And she waited for us to arrive (I think we were the last of the winners to arrive that day) before she went off and had her lunch. Really, this lady deserves recognition. :D Overall, the staff was really nice. They were also prompt to the guests’ requests.

Hubby, the 2 kids, and my parents-in-law (and I, of course) enjoyed our dessert buffet

Hubby, the 2 kids, and my parents-in-law (and I, of course) enjoyed our dessert buffet

For PHP 199 (which is the regular rate), the dessert buffet at Love Desserts offers great value for money. I mean, in an ordinary day, you can’t eat that much cakes, pastries, and desserts for that price. But here, you can have as much as you want. We, though, were stuffed even before we can have a taste of everything on the buffet table. But if our tummies were bottomless, we would have tasted all that’s served that day. :D

All in all, my family and I enjoyed the Love Desserts buffet experience so much. MIL even quipped that she’ll be spreading the word to her friends. Me, I’ll invite my parents and siblings here one time so that they can also experience this.

Thanks Love Desserts and Ruth of Bakedhoven for this wonderful opportunity. Will surely be back!

Healthway invites you to Share That MOMent

It’s been a couple of days after Mother’s Day, but the celebrations continue with Healthway Medical‘s online contest.

Healthway Philippines Share the MOMent

Healthway Philippines Share the MOMent Online Contest

Let’s remember all the wonderful things that our mothers did for us. Share your memories by joining the Share the MOMent contest.

Mechanics are as follows:

1. Like the Healthway Medical Facebook page.

2. Complete the sentence: “I remember how my mom ____________________.”

3. Post a picture of you and your mom with the hashtags #HealthwayMOMents and #HwayMOMents.

Remember to make your posts “Public” so that your entries may be tallied.

The most interesting answer and the photo with the most number of likes and shares will win an overnight stay for 2 at Acacia Hotel Manila.

You can join and post your entries until May 29, 2015. The winners will be announced on Healthway Medical’s Facebook page on May 31, 2015.

For more information, visit the Facebook page of Healthway Medical.

Post your entries now! Good luck!

Weighing in on Mary Jane Veloso and the Indonesia executions

Disclaimer: I am no expert in any legalities or in anything that relates to this news, other than that I have heard of and read about the issue surrounding Mary Jane Veloso and the 8 other people in Indonesia’s death row. I am just voicing out my opinion in this post.


The Philippines is rejoicing today, with the news that Mary Jane Veloso, convicted of drug trafficking in Indonesia in 2010 and is on death row, has been given temporary reprieve by the Indonesian government at the last minute. Social media has exploded, with posts and hashtags expressing joy that a countryman that has been spared from execution.

That, though, cannot be said of other countries, as the 8 others also convicted of drug trafficking — an Indonesian, 2 Australians, a Brazilian, and 4 Nigerians — were put to death by firing squad early this morning, Philippine time. Reports are that Brazil’s and Australia’s relations with Indonesia have soured because of this.

Back to Mary Jane, the postponement of her execution was because Indonesia has received reports that Mary Jane’s recruiter has surrendered to Philippine authorities and that her testimony is needed during the legal process. Her lawyers are hoping that this temporary reprieve may become permanent, once it has been established that she is innocent of drug trafficking and was duped to carry heroin in one of her bags by the recruiter and her cohorts.

Reading Mary Jane’s unedited narrative on Rappler, it may happen — if she truly is innocent. But we’ll have to wait for that.


While I’m happy about the turn of events surrounding Mary Jane, I feel really bad for one of those in the death row, Brazilian Rodrigo Gularte. Yes, he may be a drug addict or a smuggler, but one thing to consider is that he has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Until the end, he believed that he was going home.

His was a truly sad story: because of his illness and addiction, he was easily targeted by drug cartels. When he was arrested, he was abandoned by his lawyer. Indonesian authorities have rejected medical opinion that he was mentally ill because the opinion did not come from a government doctor. And that Indonesia had no law that prevents them from executing convicts with such conditions.

He was put to death along with 7 others early this morning.


Indonesia does have very tough laws for drug traffickers. Except for Mary Jane’s (and a Frenchman’s) situation, the government has shown no mercy to criminals involved in drugs, may they be locals or foreigners.

For us in the Philippines that currently has no death penalty, execution seems very cruel. The worst that could happen to convicted criminals here is a life sentence (extradition for foreigners?). Then again, it is in Indonesia’s law, and they abide by it, no matter what cost.

On one end, it’s admirable that, despite the international backlash, Indonesia stood their ground. On the other, it gave me chills that they could be so cruel to put criminals to death by firing squad.

What if these people were convicted wrongly, truly innocent, or not given a fair trial? Is it just to claim their lives?

But what if they were truly guilty? Would people still push for them to die the same way they clamored for clemency of these 9?


Mary Jane’s situation is not something new. It’s sad, though, that there are those who are willing to trick people to commit crimes. And get away with it.

Hopefully, with the surrender of the alleged recruiter, those who deserve justice will get it.


Just a thought: This would not have happened if Mary Jane had good opportunities here in the country and would not have to go overseas to work to support her family.

Looking at you, Philippine government.

At the Pigeon Breastfeeding Talk + Breastfeeding Rooms Launch at HSBC Centre

When I was sent an invitation to the Pigeon Breastfeeding Talk and unveiling of the Pigeon Breastfeeding Rooms at HSBC Centre in BGC by Ritz of Richwell Philippines, I didn’t think twice of accepting it. Primary reason is that it features a topic that I can relate to: breastfeeding. I gave birth to a baby girl last December, and though I must admit I mix-feed her, I wanted to learn more about breastfeeding.

The Pigeon Breastfeeding Talk at HSBC Centre

The Pigeon Breastfeeding Talk at HSBC Centre

So last Saturday, I went to the venue and got excited to learn about the basics of breastfeeding and how to overcome the challenges that come with it.

It’s nice to know that Pigeon truly understands the needs of a new mom, especially when it comes to feeding their child. They have products that address every concern, from bottles to breast pumps to breast care accessories to cleansers and sterilizers.

Pigeon Manual Breast Pump

The Manual Pump, for moms who aren’t keen on electric pumps

Pigeon Portable Electric Breast Pump

The Portable Electric Pump, which can fit in a working mom’s handbag

Pigeon Electric Breast Pump Pro

The Electric Breast Pump Pro, which has an LED monitor where you can see and adjust the suction levels and speed

All these breast pumps from Pigeon come with the Comfort ProperFit™ soft silicone cushions for a comfortable fit and more efficient pumping. These also come in 2 different sizes to fit every breast size, forming an airtight seal to reduce milk spills and spoilage. And these also feature a 2-Phase Technology, the stimulation and expression modes that can be adjusted, depending on the mom’s preferred level.

Pigeon Breastfeeding Accessories

Pigeon also has accessories like the Silicone Nipple Shield (for moms with cracked nipples), Nipple Puller (for inverted nipples), Nipple Care Cream, and Breast Care Gel, as well as Breastmilk Storage Bags and Bottles.

Pigeon Breast Pads Honeycomb

For moms on the go, there’s Pigeon’s Breast Pads, for protection against leaks and stains

Pigeon Liquid Cleanser and Electric Steam Sterilizer

For baby’s bottles and feeding utensils, Pigeon has a Liquid Cleanser and Electric Steam Sterilizer

And to help solve breastfeeding woes, Pigeon organized the Breastfeeding Talk that targeted pregnant women and new moms.

Pigeon Breastfeeding Talk

The event was hosted by Ms. Heidi Uy

Pigeon Breastfeeding Talk

Special guest: Ms. Chiqui Brosas, a childbirth educator, doula, and breastfeeding advocate

Pigeon Breastfeeding Talk

Ms. Chiqui demonstrating the proper way to breastfeed a baby

The blogger attendees were also able to witness the launch of the Pigeon Breastfeeding Stations in 2 floors of HSBC Centre.

Pigeon Breastfeeding Stations at HSBC Centre

Ribbon cutting for the launch of the Pigeon Breastfeeding Stations at HSBC Centre

Pigeon Breastfeeding Station at HSBC Centre

Ms. Maye Yao Co Say, COO of Richwell Philippines, donates Pigeon Breast Pumps that moms working in HSBC Centre can use (lucky moms!)

Pigeon Breastfeeding Stations in HSBC Centre

The breastfeeding rooms are so cute and cozy. They are located on the 4th and 5th floors of HSBC Centre in Bonifacio Global City

Pigeon Breastfeeding Stations in HSBC Centre

There are informative posters on the walls

Pigeon Breastfeeding Station in HSBC

The wall stickers inside the breastfeeding rooms are so cute!

It’s so great that Pigeon is promoting breastfeeding not only through their products but also by creating avenues that help moms continue their breastfeeding journey even while at work. I sure hope they build Breastfeeding Stations in more offices to encourage more working moms not to give up on breastfeeding and expressing their breastmilk.

Going to this event really opened my eyes about breastfeeding and the benefits it gives to babies. I’m actually inspired to continue giving my daughter breastmilk. Hopefully more breastmilk than formula.

Thanks to Pigeon and Richwell Philippines for inviting me to this wonderful event. :)

Sip n’ Go: Starbucks Philippines’ new drinks and food items for summer

Summer’s here! And Starbucks Philippines is offering new food items and drinks in the menu.

To beat the summer heat, Starbucks presents 2 new Frappuccino Blended Beverages.

Starbucks Dark Mocha Panna Cotta and Summer Berry Panna Cotta Frappuccino Blended Beverages

Dark Mocha Panna Cotta and Summer Berry Panna Cotta Frappuccino Blended Beverages

The Dark Mocha Panna Cotta comes with a layer of panna cotta pudding at the bottom, followed by Starbucks’ signature Dark Mocha Frappuccino. It is topped with whipped cream and dark mocha powder dusting.

For those who want something caffeine-free, pick the Summer Berry Panna Cotta, which comes with panna cotta pudding, cream Frappuccino with summer berry sauce, whipped cream top, and berry drizzle.

You can pair these drinks to any of its new food offerings:

Starbucks Summer Food Items

Clockwise from top left: Chicken Cheese Steak Wrap, Italian Chicken and Ham on Flat Bread, Triple Chocolate Cake, Herb and Cheese Toast, and Jalapeno Cheese Turnover.

These are available at all Starbucks stores, except for the Chicken Cheese Steak Wrap, which won’t be sold in Baguio, Boracay, Bacolod, Cebu, CDO, Davao, Iloilo, Naga, General Santos, Tarlac, Subic, Dagupan, and Bataan branches.

Starting today until June 8, 2015, you can enjoy all these new food items and beverages from Starbucks. Sip n’ go!