Pinkberry opens newest branch in SM Megamall

I had the chance to drop by the newest branch of Pinkberry Philippines at the 5th floor of SM Megamall’s Fashion Hall last Friday, April 11, during its grand opening event.

Pinkberry SM Megamall

Pinkberry opened its 5th branch at SM Megamall last March 27 and had its grand opening party last April 11.

The event started as early as the mall’s opening hours, but I arrived around 6:30 PM (after work). Good thing the store was still abuzz with activity when I came in. There were magicians, balloon twisters, and roving photo booths. Of course, there were special Pinkberry treats for customers.

Pinkberry SM Megamall

Customers got 20% off on any Pinkberry item that day.

Pinkberry SM Megamall

Of course, people queued to get some Pinkberry goodness.

Pinkberry SM Megamall

Passersby were also given samples of Pinkberry’s frozen yogurts.

Concurrent with its opening party is the return of the Pomegranate and Strawberry flavors. These, along with the Original, are the flavors you can buy at Pinkberry for this summer. They are made with only the highest quality ingredients, including real nonfat yogurt and fresh nonfat milk, so each always has a refreshing, light, and clean taste. Pair them with any of the Fruit, Dry, Liquid, and Luxe Toppings and create your very own Pinkberry concoction.

New products are also available: the Smoothies with Light Agave and Pinkberry Shaved Ice (which is available only at Greenbelt 5). Other products that you will find at Pinkberry are parfaits, fruit bowls, smoothies, and waffle cookie sandwiches. Whichever you choose, I’m telling you, you’re going to love it.

Pinkberry SM Megamall

Hubby and I truly enjoyed our parfaits. Photo grabbed from Photoman’s Facebook Page

If you’re in the area of SM Megamall, drop by Pinkberry at the 5th floor of the Fashion Hall to get some swirling goodness today. :)

Get the new Starbucks Card designs for summer

Starbucks Philippines is once again releasing new designs for its Starbucks Card. First up is its Summer Card:

Starbucks Summer Card

The Starbucks Summer Card

With a cool blue-and-green design that looks like ice cubes, the card boasts that refreshing look — truly a treat for the eyes this hot, hot season. The other is the Birthday Card:

Starbucks Birthday Card

The Starbucks Birthday Card

This is a card that you’d surely want to give as a gift to a family member, friend, or loved one for their special day. These cards will arrive in Starbucks stores come April 22 and will be available until June 9. And as a treat, a Starbucks promotion comes with the launch of these cards:

Frappuccino Star Dash

Promo: Starbucks Frappuccino Star Dash

Earn 2 beverage stars when you use your Starbucks Card to purchase any of its newest drinks, which will also be served in stores on April 22: the Caramel Ribbon Crunch and Banana Mango Frappuccino Blended Beverages. And double stars mean a faster way to earn 12 beverage points and therefore getting a free Starbucks drink of your choice! Watch out for these Starbucks Cards and Frappuccino Blended Beverages on April 22 at a Starbucks store near you.

Catching the Totus Tuus Tour in Gateway Mall

When I learned about the Totus Tuus Tour on social media, I immediately looked for information on its schedule. The Totus Tuus Tour is an exposition of the relics of Pope John Paul II, one of the most well-loved popes and soon-to-be saint.

I’m actually a fan of PJPII, after I saw him drive by Roxas Boulevard in the popemobile during the 1995 World Youth Day. You just need to look at him and feel something amazing — what more when he looked my way and waved his hand (he looked and waved at everyone in that crowded highway). My family and I felt blessed by the Lord that day.

Visiting his relics at Gateway Mall in Cubao — the exhibit runs until April 24 — is like catching another glimpse of a great man, and soon-to-be saint, that has touched the lives of not just Catholics but also people of other religions around the world.

Totus Tuus Tour Philippines

Totus Tuus Tour, at the 2nd floor of Gateway Mall

Totus Tuus Tour Philippines

Second-class relics, mostly used during his first visit to the Philippines in 1981

Totus Tuus Tour Philippines

Among these are a greeting card with his signature (then Cardinal Karol Jozef Wojtyla), a piece of the bedsheet that was used before he died, and the missalette during his beatification

Totus Tuus Tour Philippines

The missalette PJPII used during the canonization of St. Lorenzo Ruiz

Totus Tuus Tour Philippines

First-class relics: PJPII’s strands of hair on the left and a piece of garment with his blood on the right (during an assassination attempt in 1981)

Totus Tuus Tour Philippines

The chair he used during his first visit to the country is also on display.

Totus Tuus Tour Philippines

There is an area at the front where you can pray to PJPII

Totus Tuus Tour Philippines

There’s also an area where you can buy PJPII keychains for PHP30 and the book “More Precious Than Gold” by Dave Ceasar dela Cruz

The Totus Tuus Tour was organized on the occasion of Pope John Paul II’s canonization on April 27, 2014. With this event, the faithful can venerate and pray before these sacred relics to deepen their devotion and love for the Catholic Church’s newest saint.

The tour will go around different places in Metro Manila and the Philippines. For schedules and information on the Totus Tuus Tour, you can visit or the St. John Paul II Relics – Philippines Facebook Page.

Cough in summer? Take Lagundex

Summer is here in the Philippines! And haven’t you noticed in the past few weeks, the weather’s been erratic? One time it’s really sunny and the next thing you now, it begins to rain. No wonder people are getting sick.

At home, my mom now has this really bad cough. In the office, my colleague’s down with the cough, too. And that’s mainly because of the changing weather — not to mention that inside, where there’s air-conditioning, it’s cold and when you step outside it’s very, very hot. Their cough is at the point wherein water therapy just won’t do; they’d have to take medicine to get well. So I gave them something I was introduced to recently that can help stop their cough: Lagundex syrup.


Lagundex Syrup 300 mg/ 5 ml

Made from lagundi leaf, an herbal plant that has been studied and trusted by the Department of Health (DOH), Lagundex is guaranteed safe because it strictly complies with the manufacturing requirements of the Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and is made under good manufacturing processes to ensure its quality and efficacy.

I gave my mom and friend Lagundex 300 mg/5 ml syrup that came in peppermint flavor. They had similar comments about it: the texture was okay, not too thick; the taste was sweet with a cool peppermint hint to it. Though my officemate wished that the peppermint taste was stronger to help soothe her throat further.

The recommended dosage is 2 teaspoons (10  ml) 3 to 4 times a day. So far, they feel a lot better after taking Lagundex. I’ll be checking out after a week to see how effective it is against cough, especially the one that’s due to colds.

Lagundex 300 mg/ 5 ml also comes in a sweet orange flavor that kids will like (yep, Lagundex is safe to give to kids, too). For adults who want a higher milligram dosage, there’s Lagundi Forte syrup (600 mg/ 5 ml) and Lagundex tablet (600 mg).

Lagundex is already available in leading drugstores. It is distributed by New Marketlink Pharmaceutical Corporation. To know more about Lagundex, call NMPC’s hotline at 8365838 to 47.

(PR source: Johanna Abdulkadil of Havas PR Agatep)

Random thoughts before, while, and after watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier

WARNING: This post may contain spoilers, so if you haven’t watched the movie yet, you can skip reading this post. I wouldn’t mind, promise. :)

April 2, around 6 PM.

- Touchdown, Megamall (from Makati)! Haven’t watched in their cinemas for a very, very long time. Well, got no choice. They’re the only cinema in the area that has a screening not later than 9 PM, so…

- Ticket lines are long! Ganun ba karami ang hindi pa nakakapanood ng Captain America?! But it’s been a week…

- Wait, more than 3 people bought tickets for “Ang Diary ng Panget”. Hmm, there’s a chance…

- In fairness, “Ang Diary ng Panget” seems to click among the young ones (yeah, I feel old with that comment). I guess they read the book so they want to see it on the big screen. Good job, Viva Films!

- My date (hubby) is taking so long! Sabi niya papunta na siya dito, it’s almost 7 na!

- Ang haba talaga ng pila sa “Ang Diary ng Panget”. At showing pa pala ang “Starting Over Again”?

- Finally, hubby arrived! Tickets – check! Choice seats in the balcony – check!

- Around 7:30 PM. Trailers for “Maleficent” and “Guardians of the Galaxy”. And there you go, lights are dimmed.

- Nage-echo yung audio sa cinema ng Megamall. Dang.

- Si Georges St.-Pierre pala yun?

- Ang daming cameos a, mostly from the first Captain America movie.

- This early, you feel like you know who the bad guys are.

- Nick Fury! This is getting a bit predictable!

- Yung boses sa “Her” at si Robin Scherbatsky andito.

- So much action. And this is a good thing.

- Cameo kahit sa poster lang. You rock, Elrond, este, Agent Smith, este, Hugo Weaving.

- So the dude is a government project outside SHIELD?

- Sabi sa ‘yo e! Predictable ka, Fury, Nicholas J.!

- There you go, kids, Robert Redford in his prime.

- Of course, the cameo of all cameos, Stan Lee.

- Action, action, action. Good, good, good.

- So what of SHIELD?

- This movie shouldn’t have been given the subtitle, “The Winter Soldier”. Dapat “Captain America: SHIELD and Hydra” or something.

- Why are you people standing up as the credits are rolling?!

- Ooh, Easter egg #1. Mga anak ni Magneto, according to the comics. Wonder if they’ll change that in the next Avengers movie.

- More people leaving. Ah, after all these years, you still don’t know Marvel.

- Easter egg #2. Wala langs.

- Pretty good, lots of action, less cheesy than the first. Nice one, Marvel! I give it an 8 out of 10.

April 2, around 10 PM.